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The film is directed by Omung Kumar. It is based on the play of the same name by Preeti Sagar. The film was released on 21 August 2013 in India. Plot Aditya (Ranveer Singh) is an architect who works with his father (Vijay Mehta) for their firm. His father plans to get their firm promoted to a partnership. There are two architects who have filed a case against the company in court for their unpaid salary. They are tired of waiting for their salaries and give Aditya a contract to execute a project to get the case delayed for six months. However, he can't complete the project and sends the drawings to his father. When Aditya is questioned by his father about the delay, he is criticized and tells his father that he has no experience. Aditya disagrees with his father's characterization of the architect. Aditya does not think that he is any good at his job because his father still sends his drawings to him. Aditya wishes to get better so that his father will be proud of him. He is also in love with Ravi (Supriya Pathak) whom he has known since childhood. Ravi, on the other hand, is cynical of Aditya and his father. She has a boyfriend but Aditya is protective of her. Aditya starts hanging out with Ravi. Aditya convinces Ravi to help him with his project. Aditya takes her to meet his architect friend Vipul. He wants her to use her persuasive skills with Vipul so that he can get his project done. Aditya and Ravi are successful in getting the project done. His father is happy with the project and wants to promote him to partnership. Aditya has trouble sleeping and taking naps. He starts seeing his architect friend and they fall in love. Aditya confesses his feelings to Ravi but she does not return his feelings. Aditya and his father go to the court to argue for the case. He explains that his father was responsible for the delay and he apologizes. Aditya is seen by the principal of his college as a man who is afraid of failure. Aditya has a mock interview with the college principal. He successfully passes the interview. The principal warns Aditya not to mess with him. Aditya and his father start celebrating their partnership. Ravi




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HD Online Player (Ram Leela Movie Download Filmywap --) aldomort

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